By Anna Deavere Smith

Directed by Ciera Eis

This an interactive performance portraying “Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992”, by Anna Deavere Smith. This monologue play comments on the racial and economic tension that exploded into the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict. The monologues presented are interviews from people that experienced this social explosion. It is also a look into our current sociopolitical climate.


Carissa Chu, Adrian Zamora, Alyssa Ponce, Trishana Wilson, Monica Ravitch, Christy Conway, Alex Seifert, Christopher Rodriguez, Pamela Ignacio, and Natalia Delgado


Sound Designer: Nina Mostowfi
Lighting Designer: Darius Rudominer
Scenic Designer: Alyssa Glenn
Costume Designer: Mariana Briskin
Props Manager: Juliet Hicks
Stage Manager: Amber Zepf
Dramaturg/ Assistant Director: Victoria Gardner


Barnstorm Theater, University of California, Santa Cruz

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