I am a director and producer who develops socio-political new work, supports emerging artists, and experiments with theatrical space and form. I create work focused on current events with an eye to the future, focusing on intersectional queer-femme narratives, magical realism, income inequality, technology, climate change, mental health, and comedies that packs a punch. My exploration of unconventional theater space and form, has led me to dabble in site-specific and immersive work and multiple media mediums. I have aided in new play development at companies such as American Conservatory Theatre, Magic Theatre, The GroundFloor at Berkeley Rep, Custom Made Theatre, Playground, and PianoFight. I am dedicated to seeding the theatrical landscape with risky work that promotes the voices of the next generation of artists and activists in the field. Awards: Winner of Shortlived Play Festival 2019, Promising Woman in Theatre, Porter Arts Grant, DaVinci Scholar, Renaissance Artist Award. LEARN MORE

I am the Artistic Director, Producing at FaultLine Theater, focuses on developing and producing fresh scripts that lie at the intersection of pop culture and politics.

I am the Interim Artistic Director of The Custom Made Theatre Co, and the Creative Producer of Pint Sized Plays at PianoFight, a venerable and site-specific theater-in-a-bar festival.

“Working with Ciera as a director is a designer’s dream; she presents cultivated ideas with care, while also inviting collaboration and input from the design team. Ciera pushes outside of the box in insightful and unique ways. Her empathetic, people first mentality makes her a director you’d want to work with over and over again.”- Sara Witsch, Sound Designer

“Wonderful direction. I loved the movement, flow, and energy that elevated the script to a more kinetic, vibrant experience”Matt Morishige, Playwright

“Ciera is an incredible collaborator, artist, and person. As a playwright, I can’t say enough about the attentiveness, passion, inventiveness and generosity she brings to her work as a director. She is a true leader who listens deeply and brings out the best in others.”-Madison Wetzell, Playwright

“Ciera Eis brings compassion, an eye for detail, and a killer sense of comedy to all aspects of her work. A true joy to work with!”Perry Fenton, Actor

“Ciera Eis was instrumental in kicking off our New Voices series at Town Hall Theatre. Being one of the foremost experts in local new writers, she pointed us in the direction of some of the best playwrights in the Bay Area and we were lucky enough to have her direct our inaugural production. Ciera is an inventive, creative director who is able to communicate with actors in a concise and empowering way. I would work with Ciera in the future in any capacity!”Lisa Larkin, Artistic Producer

“Ciera is one of the most empathetic and thoughtful directors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Conceptually, she’s not afraid to push boundaries, while still remaining grounded in the text. Working with her is a great time; her habit of actively seeking input from her team and encouraging open dialogue has created some of the warmest, most tight-knit rooms I’ve had the pleasure of working in.” Weili Shi, Lighting Desinger

Current Projectss

“Cupid’s Arrow“| The Speakeasy SF | February 9 – 11th

“Between the Sheets” An Anthology on Queer Intimacy | Left Coast Theatre Co. | February 17 – March 4th

Producing: The Ground Floor 2022 at Berkeley Repertory Theatre | “Tiny Fires” by Aimee Suzara at Custom Made Theatre Co.

Development: “Last West” by Tess Taylor | “Faust on 4Chan” by Madison Wetzell | “Pinball: The Musical” by Derek Lipkin | “UNTITLED: Queer Climate Change Musical” by Weston Scott and Erika Oba | “UNTITLED: Eco-Sustainable Children’s Adventure” by various artists

Quarantine Content

Fun | Artsy | Edgy | sweet


Grab a seat at the table because you’re invited to the feast! San Francisco based band Lentil stars in a music video inspired by Sheila Callaghan’s “Women Laughing Alone With Salad”. (DP and Editing- LMK Media). Director Ciera Eis.


We used original lyrics from ‘Dog Act’ by Liz Duffy Adams, to visually explore the beauty of nature juxtaposed by the destruction of the environment and apocalyptic fall of man. The performer leads the the audience on a journey of how often we take Mother Nature for granted, and how doomed she will be if we do not unite towards a common goal. (DP: Ben Ellie, Editor: Brennan Pickman-Thoon, Lyrics and Composition: Sharon Shao, Music Producer: Criibaby). Director: Ciera Eis.


Maple Street” | “5_characters_search.EXIT”

“MAPLE STREET” and “5_CHARACTERS_SEARCH.EXIT”- Inspired by Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” Directed by Ciera Eis. These modern adaptations are reflections on the year 2020. “Maple Street” encapsulates the fear of leaving our homes, the fear of our neighbors, and political mistrust. While “5_characters_search.exit” emphasizes our isolation, especially with our inability to escape and our increased dependence on technology in order to connect.


Based off the Faustian concept of selling your soul, we used screen capture to create a piece analyzing the radicalization of young people through the YouTube rabbit hole. Our central goal is to make the audience wonder, “could that have been me? (DP and Editor: Brennan Pickman-Thoon). Playwright Madison Wetzell. Director: Ciera Eis.


We asked Bay Area actor couples to remake (shot-by-shot) some of the most famous romantic movie scenes and tell us their love story. Director Ciera Eis.

Murder at Roland Manor

An interactive 8-Bit mystery play directed by Ciera Eis and written by Brennan Pickman-Thoon. Explore the virtual manor as you chat with guests, roam the grounds, and discover who killed Kenneth Roland- before they get to you!