By Lisa Loomer

Directed by Ciera Eis

A dark comedy about the timeless quest for beauty—and its cost. Three women from different centuries meet in a modern doctor’s waiting room. Forgiveness From Heaven is an eighteenth-century Chinese woman whose bound feet are causing her to lose her toes. Victoria is a nineteenth-century tightly corsetted English woman suffering from what is commonly known as “hysteria.” Then there is Wanda, a modern gal from New Jersey who is having problems with her silicone breasts. Husbands, doctors, Freud, the drug industry and the FDA all come under examination. The play is a wild ride through medical and sexual politics, including the politics of the ever-present battle with breast cancer.


Ted Elattrache, Jazmine LoganNathan Lie, Celeste Marvin-Strong, Nicole Muckenthaler, Ramona Parrotta, Kristen Soriano, Emmet Storms, Nick Whitlow


Set Designer: Cody Lee
Lighting Designer: Carina Swanberg
Sound Designer: Tony Parker
Choreographer: Abby Pistoni
Costume Designer: Christian Bernal
Props Manager: Quest Zeidler
Stage Manager: Victoria Iriberri
Dramaturg: Emily Schneiderman
Accents and Dialects: Amy Mihyang Ginther


UC Theater, Santa Cruz CA

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