Produced by Shotgun Players

Directed by Ciera Eis

Shotgun Players asked for Bay Area artists to create short video of what theatre and the world could look like in the next 30 years using one of the 150+ plays we’ve created over the last three decades as their creative spark.

Grab a seat at the table because you’re invited to the feast! San Francisco based band Lentil stars in a music video inspired by Sheila Callaghan’s “Women Laughing Alone With Salad.” 

CAST: Lentil Band Members: Ilana Arbisser, Vanessa Flores, Diana Hall, Sarah Parker. Extras: Gia DiGregorio-Rivera, Linda Maria Giron, Pamela Ignacio

DP and Editor- LMK/Peakbound Media | Director- Ciera Eis

DP: Ben Ellie | Editor: Brennan Pickman-Thoon | Lyrics and Composition: Sharon Shao | Music Producer: Criibaby | Director and Concept: Ciera Eis

We used original lyrics from ‘Dog Act’ by Liz Duffy Adams, to visually explore the beauty of nature juxtaposed by the destruction of the environment and apocalyptic fall of man.  

Cast: Sharon Shao

Based off the Faustian concept of selling your soul, we used screen capture to create a piece analyzing the radicalization of young people through the YouTube rabbit hole. Our central goal is to make the audience wonder, “could that have been me?” 

Cast: Mephisto: Brennan Pickman-Thoon | Alex Evans: Ben Chau-Chiu | ModernWitchyRemedies: Elena Estér | The Defender: Max Forman-Mullin

Cast: Playwright: Madison Wetzell | Director: Ciera Eis | Video Editor: Brennan Pickman-Thoon


Shotgun Players 3030, 2020

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